“The funnel is dead, long live the flywheel”, Brian Halligan – HubSpot

It’s no longer about outbound vs inbound.

It is now inbound vs flywheel.



The funnel is broken because there is no trust.

According to Brian Halligan, the lack of trust is rooted in modern society.

“I think one of the problems in modern society is nobody trusts anyone. Nobody trusts the government. Nobody relies on religion. Nobody trusts the media. Nobody trusts social media. Do you know who else they don’t trust?

Marketers and sellers.

Do you know who buyers trust? Colleagues and friends.

Talk to your customers and prospects and then you realize that trust is mainly through word-of-mouth marketing ”

One thing I know for sure. For HubSpot with 52,000 customers, the chance of a flywheel is real.

Flywheel definition: A flywheel is a large and heavy wheel. The wheel pulls itself over dead spots. Thanks to a flywheel, the movement does not stop at dead points. And work is converted into kinetic energy.

And HubSpot delivered that labor. Flying is getting easier and faster and the wheel continues to fly even at dead points.

Well, in the case of HubSpot, 2% of very satisfied customers are just 1,040 ambassadors.

Is the flywheel with ambassadors real for every organization?

Let me start by mentioning what does / does not fly in my opinion.

Does not

  • Only asking for customer satisfaction – gives you insight at best, but no flywheel.
  • The laboratory in order to improve the product – certainly do, but fly? Maybe in a few years.
  • Hire customer success managers to reduce churn.


  • In case of high customer satisfaction, push ahead and ask for an introduction.
  • Co-creation, because a customer will convert his or her investment into an even higher commitment and recommendations.
  • Use customer success manager(s) to create ambassadors and activate the flywheel.

My advice:

The flywheel accelerates when the resistance for prospects and customers to apply word-of-mouth marketing decreases. Above all, make it easier for your prospect and customers to share your product or service with their colleagues, friends and their network.

One of the solutions is to make a short video that can be forwarded – easy for your referrer and a bit more difficult for you as a salesperson.

Sorry, there are no shortcuts…





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