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What is video selling?

Video selling is the use of personalized and relevant videos by sellers. This to gain confidence from prospects and customers more quickly in all phases of the sales process; In finding, winning or growing their business. We distinguish three dimensions:


1:1 personalized sales videos.

Very personal videos that you can only use once, because they are intended for one person. The aim is to gain trust on a personal level. It requires the least effort for sellers, as video editing is not necessary. Content is ‘King’, but for sellers the right Context is the ‘King Dealmaker’.


1:few “Companization” semi-personalized sales videos.

Account Based Marketing addresses the need to treat key prospects or accounts as individual markets where marketing and sales work closely together – in some cases, more than ten people may be involved in a buying decision. Video selling can be a valuable tool to fulfil the promise of ABM, because multiple contacts receive videos in a semi-personalized way. This phenomenon is also known as companization.


1:many – non-personalized sales videos

The usage of images to reach a large audience with an ‘authentic’ video from a seller. Editing videos is a ‘must’, but is no longer an obstacle for the modern seller because of the accessible tools that are available today.



So, what is video prospecting?

Video prospecting is the use of personalised video by salespeople in the acquisition phase of the sales process. Using video in the prospecting phase is most effective in combination with making the phone after prospects have actually seen the video, but there are many successful sequences and outlined 10 prospecting sequences in our video prospecting playbook. 

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What is video selling?