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80% of the sales tools are focused on helping salespeople to be more productive. Most of these productivity tools are used behind the scenes as there is no direct value for the customer when being used – it’s mainly valuable for salespeople to do work more effectively.

“Results in our 2019 survey showed that those suppliers who provide outstanding digital experiences to their buyers are more than twice as likely to be chosen as a primary supplier than those who provide poor experiences, and about 70 percent more likely than those providing only fair ones”, McKinsey research.”

Fewer productivity tools are made to increase productivity for the seller and the buyer. And especially in the ‘next normal’ we need a customer experience that is at least twice better than the experience in a face-to-face meeting to make an ever lasting impression.

For 18 months we have been experimenting and using many new sales tools. We found three remote selling tools that stood the test of time to have more impactful conversations, presentations, and workshops.

How was Vidyard valuable for our sales approach?

With just 5 people we made over 1000+ personalized videos in 18 months’ time and it mostly helped us with prospecting. Calling prospects after sending a video has been 5x more effective with Vidyard than any other form of prospecting. We can measure almost everything, and it helped us to understand the quality of our pitch by analyzing data.

How was Vidyard valuable for our customers?

Most of the people that watched the personalised video enjoyed the experience. Receiving an asynchronous video gives ‘freedom’ of choice – it’s the buyer who decides when to watch, stop watching or share your video with other stakeholders.
“A lot of people felt they knew us before we started a digital presentation or workshop”

How to start?

Instant gratification helps to embrace change. So, start with a happy birthday video, invitations for an event or a thank you video after a great conversation with somebody you already know and make a short 20-30 second video.

“Salespeople will continue doing what they have been doing all the time, even if they are unhappy with the results”. Why? Because unknown success is far more painful than known failure.

What is the best feature?

The integration with Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, desktop, Chrome plugin, the Android app and iPhone app makes it easy to videofy your sales process. Vidyard is everywhere.


Vidyard has a feature to trim videos, but we prefer to trim videos on our phone or on Videoleap (app) before we upload the video. It just works faster for us and probably for you as well.

2 – VideoAsk

VideoAsk is a great solution to increase the general engagement with your target audience for multiple purposes like, applicant screening, assessments, testimonials and referrals.

How was VideoAsk valuable for our sales approach?

We made 50+ VideoAsk sequences for our all the above scenarios and two scenarios were directly related to our sales approach:

1 – The use of lead forms combined with video.

2 – To increase referrals and recommendations by setting-up a video sequence.

How was VideoAsk valuable for our customers?

1 – Use of video before downloading a whitepaper.

Trust can be established before downloading a whitepaper or e-book – and let’s be honest, what are the chances that your content will be read after the download? Show the best of you right out of the gate.

2 – To increase referrals and recommendations by setting-up a video sequence.

Customers love the personal approach without being forced to respond on the spot.

How to start?

Make short 30 second trailer videos as a trigger to download the whitepaper or e-book on your website, before making your audience commit for more. A bit further down the road you can make 1-minute videos with the focus on summarizing the value of downloading the white paper.

What is the best feature?

The flexibility given to the respondents when answering a video led question – you can chose between video, audio and text.


Make sure you stand right in the middle when making videos for VideoAsk. Horizontal videos are always displayed vertically so make sure you are prepared – microphone check, camera check, light check and standing in the middle…check.


Pitch is a collaborative online presentation platform that makes it easy to collaborate with your audience.

How was Pitch valuable for our sales approach?

It took us less time to customize a presentation with Pitch than with PowerPoint. The intuitive look and feel made us feel like an expert within an hour. Videos are embedded in the cloud, so we didn’t have a ‘no sound’ issue when we shared a video in our presentation.

How was Pitch valuable for our customers?

The buyer receives more value because the seller can deliver a better experience.

How to start?

Convert your PowerPoint presentation to Pitch (on the Pitch platform) and track and trace every interaction with your presentation. It will only take you 1 minute to make it happen.

What is the best feature?

The combination of presentation and online meetings for highly interactive workshops.


Zoom and PowerPoint.




The video capabilities are still in beta, and we are waiting for some improvements, but the platform is relatively new, and they are shipping features with a speed we have never seen before. So, by making any suggestion it would make this article go obsolete in a week. Check their feature list to see what is coming.

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