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I know how hard it is to stand differentiated from the competition. As a salesperson, I’ve had to face the mundane question of what makes me different. If you are a salesperson, you probably know the turmoil that I am talking about here! The most appropriate answer is one that glorifies the product or service that I’m selling and also, one that pleases the client! Quite a hurdle indeed!

Here are a few of the ideas that I have implemented; and which you can try too:

Create a video of your agenda

I’ve ditched emails when it comes to letting a client know my agenda. Nowadays, I just pull out my phone and record a short video letting them know the agenda for the meeting. Doing this is not only much easier, it also gives your clients a chance to get to know you better beforehand.

Replace the introduction email with an introduction video

When a website visitor fills a contact form for you to communicate with them, do it the most effective way. Responding at the fastest time is an advantage. But, if that needs to convert to a sale, trust me, you’ve got to do more. Send over a personalised video message embedded in the mail to make a first and the “best” impression!

Create a video recap of your meeting

Clients, especially those who are busy, feel overwhelmed at the thought of referring back to long follow up emails. So, to keep a potential client interested in the deal, make sure that you don’t make them feel overwhelmed! Send across a summary video of the status of the communication with you. I have noticed that clients love this method, as it saves time and also, shows the effort that you make.

These methods should help you to use video most effectively to differentiate yourself. Or rather, it will; I am sure!

Well, these are but, only a few of the points that I want to stress about video prospecting. Ensuring to follow the above mentioned best practices will make way into some lead. I’m sure of it! 

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Ways to differentiate yourself using video in your sales