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Don’t have a video email signature as yet? Take it from me, you have to have one. It has not been long since I got a personalised video email signature and I can see the results already! Being in a customer-facing field like sales, I have always wondered why I couldn’t break the ice and connect to clients through email. 

Video email signatures are an innovative way to incorporate personalised video into an otherwise routine email that often ends up in the trash bin. The advantages of it:

  • It makes the recipient pause for a while after reading the mail
  • Connect with the sender on a human level
  • Leaves an effective impression and makes the recipient respond (most often).

Want some advice for you to create an email video signature? Here are my tips:


1.Record a personalised video of yourself

Record a short, clear, and crisp video yourself, highlighting the key points in your business. I say you shouldn’t rehearse too much as this leaves you looking scripted and inauthentic. So, represent the company and your business intention, but make sure to leave a personal impression as well. 


2. Create a video thumbnail

To create a thumbnail for the video, you have got to take a screen capture of the video. Then, resize the image and save it in the form of a GIF or JPG file. This image/ thumbnail acts as the link anchor to your video.


3. Add the video signature to the email

Now that the video and your thumbnail is ready, get straight to adding it to your signature field. Also, don’t forget to add an impressive text message with the video email signature

Now, see yourself connecting better with clients through your engaging emails, and also, make sure to do a strong call to action, to see the best results!

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Why to use an email video signature