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Video prospecting is far more effective than plain old text.

As visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.

Yes, you heard it right!

Personal videos that are compelling, engaging, versatile, and powerful are the one tool that can help fill sales pipelines quickly. Videos always deliver more for the sales rep, whether it’s bringing a sales pitch to life through authentic, personalised communication or giving live product demos.

A video makes it easier to make a memorable first impression and pique the prospect’s interest than a cold text-only email. Because you get to inject your personality into your video, adding your unique touch helps to shatter sales stereotypes.

In this piece, we will discuss 5 key aspects that will help you understand and use video prospecting for effective sales outreach with concrete sales plays in. See Table of Contents below 👇

Video prospecting is a sales technique in which the Sales Development Representative records and sends a short, personalised video to the prospect.

The prospecting videos are then typically sent via email to the prospects. They can also be shared via text or as a private message on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The objective here is to replace dull text emails with something more visually attractive and engaging. Your core message remains unchanged when using video prospecting, just the way of delivering the message changes.

Since prospecting videos are one of your first interactions with potential customers, they should be brief and to the point. SDR’s should make a brief introduction, explain why they are contacting you, and how they can help. The recommended length of your prospecting videos is anything between 30 seconds to one minute.

The shorter length increases the chances that your prospect will watch the entire video and understand your central message.

The idea of video prospecting is simple and straightforward. The end result though is very powerful. And the best part is anyone can do it, all you need is a little practise.

What are the benefits of video prospecting?

1. Video Prospecting is much more persuasive than traditional cold calling.

Remember, that visuals are processed 60,000 X faster than text? This is what makes video prospecting so powerful and persuasive. Marketers have known this for a long time. Video prospecting outperforms all other formats of sales outreach by a big margin.

Videos are more immersive, engage more senses, and are a far more effective way to reach your audience and create excitement about your products and services. Prospects find it much easier to watch a video than it is to wade through densely written information.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s difficult to find a corporate website without a product explainer video on the homepage. A sales video email allows you to share your personalised pitch in a fun and engaging format.

2. Video Prospecting helps build genuine relationships.

Traditional emails are impersonal and boring. It doesn’t allow the SDR to show the full personality. Often emails are formal and pushy especially if drafting stimulating emails is not your strongest suit.

On the other hand, by making a quick and casual sales pitch video, you can let your natural charisma shine through. Above all the prospective buyer wants to be made feel special.

Video prospecting allows the SDR to make the customer feel special. This helps in connecting deeply with the prospective buyers and creates a genuine bonding with them.

It’s memorable and stands out in an overcrowded inbox. In the world of virtual selling, rememberability is one of the most critical factors and personalised Video prospecting trumps all other means in this regard.

3. Video prospecting is creative and alluring.

The scope for creativity in a short Video is much higher compared to traditional mailers. It allows for out of box thinking with vibrant colours and an interface that will be a breath of fresh air to your prospective customers.

Video prospecting lures prospective customers due to its novelty and simplicity.

For example, the subject lines containing the word “video” are 5x more likely to be opened and 8x more likely to elicit a response. Another example is that holding a whiteboard with your prospect’s name on it increases meeting bookings by 50%. That’s a massive boost by any standards, isn’t it?

Best experience - whiteboard video prospecting

4. Video prospecting helps create a winning first impression.

“Well begun is half done!”. Video prospecting allows you to create a winning first impression. Often the first impression is the last and you don’t want it to be a boring wall of text, would you? Using video prospecting allows you to leverage the power of nonverbal cues to make a better first impression.

Our brain is a strange and powerful thing, and science has repeatedly demonstrated that our perception of someone’s trustworthiness, power, and likeability often forms in seconds. Small nonverbal cues like smiling, leaning in, and eye contact can significantly improve your first impression.

5. Complex topics can be illustrated easily using video prospecting.

According to research by Stanford University, videos simplify complex concepts and theories. It helps in stimulating grasping of a concept through a process that is entertaining and in which prospects are bound to pay attention.

When video is used to explain complex topics, it makes the topic easy to understand and supports the acquisition of new concepts. For prospects, it reinforces concepts, is visually stimulating, and holds their attention. The combination of visuals and text is certainly a better way to prospect, rather than text-only content.

Remote selling

6. Close the deal in shorter cycle time with video prospecting.

In video-prospecting the prospective customer sees you, listens to and feels your words, understands what you are trying to sell, and subconsciously decides in the first 10 seconds whether he would likely go ahead or not. This is what a research paper published in Scientific American and Nature Magazine says! The dramatic results show that in the human psyche, decision making signals come from a region called the frontopolar cortex, at the front of the brain, immediately behind the forehead.

If the information stimulates the needs of the prospect at that point of time or if he finds the content highly engaging, the chances of making a decision in sellers favour increases by more than 65% with very less conscious effort. Therefore, a well-made video is the best tool available to set-up a meeting with the prospective customer.

Best Practices for maximizing the impact

1. Keep your sales prospecting video under 1 minute

Time in today’s day and age is the most valuable resource at our disposal and the same is the case with our customers. With more than 100 mails to browse through, no one has the attention span to watch a 15-minute video even if it is extremely informative and interesting.

Avoid technical jargon and keep it simple, colourful and sweet. As a rule of thumb, keep the video under a minute. Incorporate customer’s name, customers company and other personalised details into your video for maximum impact.

2. Be specific & inform your prospect about the next step in purchasing journey.

What is the point of a prospecting video if the prospect is unsure of the next step in his purchasing journey?
Be specific and guide your customer on what’s the next step.

For example, if you’re trying to schedule a meeting, don’t ask if next week works for them. Instead, say something along the lines of, “How does Wednesday at 2:00 PM sound?”

Never let your prospect reach a dead end in their journey without a clear next step, whether it’s asking for time to talk or pointing to another piece of content. Finish your email and video with a direct and specific call to action.

3. Build trust through social proof

People make decisions based on the opinions of their trusted circle. It can be extremely persuasive if you can point to a company in your prospect’s industry that has had tremendous success with your product.
If that is not an option then testimonials, demonstrations of the product, product reviews and expert opinions can create credibility and social proof and enhance your prospects of closing the deal.

4. Think out the box, be creative.

Let the full force of your personality shine through in the video. When you are natural and fun, the non-verbal cues are stronger and help generate more impact.

There are myriad ways in which you can make your video fun and energetic. You can use props, add vibrant backgrounds, use funny gifs, etc to grab the attention of the viewer.

Let your creative juices flow and do not be afraid of trying something new.

5. Create a powerful & catchy subject line.

You only have a few seconds before your prospect decides whether to delete your prospecting video or see what the next few seconds have in store for them. That’s why your Subject line must be powerful. The subject line must be about your customer and how you can help them. It should be insightful and catchy.

If you are unable to hook your viewer in the first few seconds then no amount of brilliance later in the video can save you. The average attention span of a viewer is just 8 seconds. So, as a thumb rule, you have just 8 seconds to pique the interest of the viewer.

6. Use video analytics to continuously improve your performance.

Despite all your efforts, not all videos will generate the same kind of traffic. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate what works best for you and whatnot.

It is also important to share the best practices with your team and cultivate a continuous improvement culture within the sales team.

Brainstorming with the team to find new ways to connect with prospective customers backed by solid data analytics can enhance the performance of your team to a great extent.

7. Create Professional looking high-quality videos.

The impact of your video depends on a lot of basic aspects. A low-quality video with poor lighting or unclear voice can be a big turn-off.

Create professional videos that follow best practices such as using the appropriate virtual background, lighting, appearance, message, voice, and body language, and you’ll be well on your way.

Stats that prove the effectiveness

The results of using video prospecting are astounding compared to plain text content via e-mails. Let’s now look at some statistics that prove the mind-boggling results that video-prospecting can give to your business.

  • Personalization in prospecting videos drives growth – On average, 69 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a more personalised experience.
  • Video prospecting is the most effective way to personalise the customer experience right from the start.
  • Emails with personalised videos received 16x more click-to-opens and 4.5x more click-throughs.
  • Including video in email increases site traffic, which can have an impact on SEO, as well as clicks—video users receive 41% more search traffic than non-users.
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after watching a video, and 65% of executives will visit your website.
  • Prospecting with video increases response rates by 26%.
  • When the video is used at any point in the sales process, opportunities are 127% more likely to close.
  • Mails with video see a 16 percent increase in open rates. To increase open rates even further, always include the word “video” in the subject line when sending a video sales email.
  • Videos can reduce your cost per lead by 19%.

The video prospecting playbook

Video prospecting is a methodology that is 5x more effective than just cold calling. At the same time, we have experienced that no single sales tactic works in isolation – the same goes for using only video or only the phone while prospecting.

It’s more about utilizing personalized video in the right sequence combined with other tactics. This video prospecting playbook is designed to help salespeople to increase their effectiveness by using the right prospecting plays for the video.

See one example of WHY doing things in the right order matters when sending two separate messages on LinkedIn.

#1 Hyper personalization

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting
Hyper personalization45m38%19%234m

Hyper personalization is more than calling the prospect by name. You have to show you did your homework, understand their challenges and know how to solve it. With this approach there is no room for templates or copy pasting the same pitch video you made for all the other prospects.

You invest the maximum effort upfront with every touch. Whether you send a LinkedIn invite, email and of course your personalized video. Take a multichannel approach if needed to get your video watched.

Your effort will probably be appreciated, so follow up with a phone call to eventually book the meeting.


Michael Becker at Sbit helps hotels to level up their IT infrastructure.

After seeing a company video of his prospect, he decided to reach out.

Video prospecting tip:

Creative videos tend to be the most attention-grabbing and often get the best reactions. Prospects can’t resist replying when reps do something truly outside the box.


High effort, but is very appreciated and higher chances to book meeting when the video is viewed. ‘Waste of time’/disappointment when no view. Recommended using when your pitch is different per client and you have a limited amount of prospects on your list.

#2 LinkedIn first

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting
LinkedIn first25m40%13%190m

We have seen that the chances of getting your video viewed are higher when you are connected on LinkedIn. You have more control, and it is easier to multi-touch.

In this play, you only make a video for prospects that accepted your LinkedIn invite. So you invest your time wisely. If they for some reason don’t watch your video on LinkedIn, you can always send it via email as well.


In this case, Alon Shkuri explains how he approached his prospect with a personalized video after he accepted his LinkedIn invite.

It is very hard not to embrace someone who knows your mission and values and can bridge this to a compelling pitch.


We found out that the intrigue of just connecting is stronger and less time consuming than forcing a tasteless and non-genuine personal note.


Videos are personal, but are only made if there is an established connection on LinkedIn. When you have a large market to serve this can be a great tactic when  30% to 50% of your LinkedIn invites are accepted.

#3 Scalable solution

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting
Scalable solution13m26%14%92m

If you use the same pitch for multiple prospects, why would you say the same thing repeatedly?

The scalable solution is the ultimate way for creating personalized videos faster.

The ‘hook’ (first 10-20 seconds of the video) are personalized, but the pitch is generic. Combining these 2 videos can be done easily via an app on your phone or online.


Alon Shkuri created 20 videos, each almost 2 minutes long, in just 20 minutes.

He used a transition slide to smoothen the transition between videos #1 and #2.

Video prospecting tip:

Don’t forget to wear the same outfit and use the same background in both videos.


Ideally, you can create 20+ videos in one power hour. To do this, you need to prepare yourself and create a personalized ‘hook’ per prospect.

Try to go the extra mile in your pitch video. Think of being creative or showing your sense of humour. This reusable pitch is an asset you can leverage anytime you want.

For making it extra scalable, you can also use a sales automation platform to create email sequences. The only alternation is the text, not the video.

#4 The look alike

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting
The look alike5m12%3%166m

If you are in it for the quantity, not the quality, this might be your play.

Go to Sales Navigator, put in the above filters (sales, the Netherlands, IT industry) and search for the most common names in that list.

If you have 85 Johns and 165 Peters, you can create 2 ‘personalized’ videos and send them out to 250 people.

Sales navigator look alike play video prospecting


You can make it more personalized by adding extra filter levels. For example: all salespeople from the Netherlands with the name Peter + ‘more than 10 years of experience’.


The look-alike play might feel like a cheat, but what is the difference with a marketing mass email? I know the answer, this one is way more engaging! Our colleague Yaalit received tons of replies, and nobody even recognized it’s not a ‘real’ personalized video.

P.s she just had 36 new connections on LinkedIn, all named Michael 🙂

#5 The network referral

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting

Connecting via a referral is the fastest way to build trust, and therefore it can be a straightforward pitch. But you still have some work to do before making the video.

How did we do it?

  1. Make a list of interesting people your top 10 referrers might know.
  2. Schedule calls with these referrers and goes over possible referees with them.
  3. Use the referral without too much detail and send the video.



In this case, Effy Shkuri got referred to a colleague, and the appointment was made the same week.


When asking for a referral, consider the value to the other.

Don’t: Can you help me with…

Do: Would your relationship benefit from…


The referral play has the highest conversation rate for meetings booked and video views. It takes some time to speak to your referrer, and a strict methodology is needed to get the most out of this play.

Trust is being transferred via the referrer, and as a courtesy to the referrers… most of the referees accepted the call. Check out these referral selling tips if you want to know more about our approach.

 Time per playView rateMeetings bookedTime to get meeting
Hyper personalization45m38%19%234m
LinkedIn first25m40%13%190m
Scalable solution13m26%14%92m
The look alike5m12%3%166m

What the numbers didn’t tell you:

  • The number of meetings booked after a referral was only 10% higher. However, the number of deals due to a referral was 3x higher than without a referral.
  • Three decision-makers said the buy-in was easier because of the use of video.
  • Sending only videos only deliver up to 10% spontaneous reactions without booking a meeting.
  • Hard CTAs with video hardly work – the threshold is lower, but it doesn’t really matter.
  • Only make a video once you are connected on LinkedIn to be effective.
  • Making videos is not always about time but more about energy.
  • Video gave us the feeling of delivering a lot of value, and customers admitted afterwards they felt they needed to reciprocate for time invested.
  • A follow-up call after a video didn’t need a smooth pitch – because you’ve already delivered.

Overall conclusion

  • Personalization matters.
  • The play with the highest conversion is not always a viable option.
  • Alternate between video, audio, and text.
  • The video makes referrals more scalable.
  • Always call after the video is watched.
  • Referrals convert much better from opportunity to customer.

Research has proven that the human brain can process visuals at 60,000 x greater speed owing to our evolutionary process. Savvy Marketers know this. They know That compelling, engaging, versatile, and powerful videos are the single most effective tool for quickly filling sales pipelines.

Whether it’s bringing a sales pitch to life through trustworthy communication, personalised messages, or giving live product demos, they always deliver more than traditional sending text-filled mailers.

A video is proven to be much more likely than a cold text-only email to make a memorable first impression and pique the prospect’s interest. Because you get to inject your personality into your video, you have all the creative freedom to make a rockstar entry into the minds of your customer.

Using videos in your sales cadence falls into the effort impact matrix’s “quick wins” quadrant, where you can make a big impact with little effort.

Just follow the sequences to maximize the value of using video-prospecting to be unstoppable! 

So, what are you waiting for? Give video prospecting a shot now and boost your sales outreach!

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