The Trust Mindset

The Trust Mindset

Always win the relationship

The Trust Mindset is a commercial mission statement and a sales method. The belief is that sales and non-sales are more effective in sales when winning trust is central. The “deal” will come later.

Our program is a perfect match for you if:

  • You want to build trust faster.
  • You work for an IT club with a minimum of 20 employees.
  • You want to learn from real-to-life scenarios.

The Trust Mindset program

Simplistic model

The philosophy must be simple enough for everyone in the organization. Ultimately, the weakest link determines the strength of the chain. Listening, giving value and receiving value to gain trust remains the minimum to be successful.

  • Applicable for everyone in the organization.
  • Foundation for commercial growth.
  • Implement when onboarding new colleagues.


A workshop before the online course to explain the basic concept of the Trust Mindset and to get to know the group. Plus a workshop after the online course to go deeper into the matter, only for active and highly engaged attendees.

  • At what level do you want to gain trust (personal, product, company, time).
  • Determine for each step in the process what you can give and want to receive.
  • The intention of giving: involvement or commitment.

“It helps you build a skill set to become a better consultant”

Gert Jan van Halem
Chief Technology Officer

Internal learning

Design an onboarding and learning route that is relevant, relatable and realistic. A high degree of recognisability is a high degree of involvement. Trigger and drive behavioral change with an immersive approach for customer-facing IT professionals.

  • Optimal result with scenario and story-based learning.
  • Increase engagement with a micro-learning journey.
  • Create online challenges to increase engagement.
  • Advanced: involve key influencers in communication

Download e-book

This e-book is specifically written for sales (enablement) & HR managers looking for a common commercial language. This with the aim of allowing non-sales to contribute in a subtle way and thus creating a better platform for sales to win deals.

  • How does the Trust Mindset work?
  • The Trust Mindset in the B2B sales funnel.
  • What makes this approach effective?

“I have experienced the power of the Trust Mindset method myself through their personal approach. It is 100% practice what you preach at theNextSales.”

Sjors Brul
Managing Director

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