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The practice of reaching out to prospective consumers through video content is known as video prospecting. It has developed rapidly in the times of Covid and is an excellent method to interact with your target demographic and expand your client base.

Most sellers in today’s virtual world complain that virtual selling isn’t the same as seeing someone in person. They have difficulty connecting and establishing trust.

Thankfully, video prospecting can solve this prickly issue to a great extent. 

Here are four benefits of video prospecting compared to routine phone calls and other sales techniques:

#1. Video meetings are more authentic

One of the principles of rapport building is authenticity. It develops when people perceive you as a genuine human being. This is a significant win in the world of remote selling, where everything is, by definition, more impersonal. Video conferencing give the impersonal virtual world a humane touch. Just seeing you helps build trust. It’s natural human psychology. So, next time even if your customer doesn’t switch on his video, make sure your video is switched on at all times!

Benefits of video prospecting: video conferencing

#2. Mirroring

When you and the customer are watching your video, you can more readily match the buyer’s enthusiasm and body language. Mirroring is a way for establishing stronger bonds and trust. Mirroring in sales is the practice of imitating specific behavioural traits of potential customers in order to instill trust. 

You may mirror potential customers’ enthusiastic talking and emphatic hand gestures if they themselves are excited and make emphatic hand gestures. Even if sales leads and sales teams have never met, a behavioural mirror puts potential customers at rest by creating an intuitive feeling of understanding.

#3.When customers notice you, they like you!

According to a recent Zoom survey, 82 percent of respondents had a greater feeling of trust using video. Trust is essential for sales, and turning on your virtual camera for video calls is a simple way to raise the trust meter. Your objective in a meeting is to establish rapport. 

Seeing your face enables them to have a greater bond with you. More trust is established. Assess your customer beforehand and prepare what you wear, how you look and your background based on customer behaviour. This will go a long way in establishing the initial trust.

Benefits of video prospecting: trust

#4. Better customer engagement

According to the same Zoom survey, 91 percent of respondents felt there was more engagement with video, which led to improved comprehension via nonverbal communication. When consumers are zoning out, distracted, or glancing at other displays, you may see it on video. It allows you to pause and check in to maintain high levels of engagement.

If you feel the customer is disengaged, looking at his watch, getting distracted or bored, you can easily switch tracks and ask a small question or reschedule the call as per the client’s preference. These small cues are critical. Research shows empathetic behaviour is the cornerstone of trust-building, and video prospecting goes a long way in addressing this issue.

Relationships are important in sales. Establishing rapport online is indeed more complex than meeting in person, but it is not impossible. You may begin by just turning on your video!

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The top 4 benefits of video meetings

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