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The power of Voice Messaging on LinkedIn


Voice messaging on LinkedIn has been around for many years – did you know?

My best guess is that only a handful of salespeople are using LinkedIn voice messaging. Your ability to leave a compelling impression through Voice Messaging could mean the difference between meeting and failing to meet your sales targets. Yes, they are that significant!

Voice Messaging is a powerful sales tool that can be used within a company’s operations to ensure that leads become real opportunities. In conjunction with other sales tools such as video messaging and emails, voice messaging is a powerful sales tool in your arsenal to reach your target audience effectively. Once utilised, voice messaging and its benefits will be highly beneficial to your overall sales process. Of course, it’s one thing to incorporate Voice Messaging into your sales process; it’s quite another to maximise its potential. 

The key benefits of using voice messaging.

  • Voice messaging allows you to have the best of both worlds. Voice communication provides a more vibrant sense of emotion as well as a stronger sense of connection.
  • They provide a more sensitive linkage with your target audience than text messages or even text-based instant messaging services.
  • Rather than relying on emojis, which many people despise, you can convey your message more effectively by using the tone of your voice.
  • Voice Messaging is more personal and more specific.
  • You no longer need to make numerous calls. Calling is viewed as an intrusion by some, as it forces people to talk to you when they are not ready or prepared.
  • Voice Messaging has a fabulous social presence.
  • When you receive a call, you are entirely occupied with your phone. You can still use your phone or do other things if you leave a voice message.
  • It conveys an accurate impression of what you want to say at the time. It allows you to be more poignant and spontaneous than text-based communication.

Some Voice messaging tips


1 – Personalize 
Personalize your messages by using your social selling skills and start with a thought-provoking question.

2 – Keep it short
Prospects will not listen to an overly long voicemail from a caller whose number they do not recognise. Needless to say that our attention span is narrowing because of the abundance of information. Going beyond 30 seconds ensures that the message will be deleted almost immediately. On the other hand, buyers are unlikely to pay attention to a message that is too brief.

3 – Know the best time to leave your Voice Message
As tedious as it may sound, studying your prospects’ working cycle—the hours when they’re busiest and their downtimes—can also be beneficial. Schedule your voice messages at times when prospects have the luxury of listening to and thinking about your message. 

The best times to leave voice messages are either in the morning or at the end of the working day.

4 – Keep your voice message different. 
If your voicemails and emails are identical, you reduce your chances of receiving a response to either. So, make them stand out by reserving specific questions for voicemail rather than email. While both messages should be tailored to a specific buyer, voicemails should be even more so. 

The more specific and personal the question, the more likely it will elicit a response. Instead of saying, “Please call me back,” which does not increase the buyer’s sense of responsibility, refer to relevant information in context.

Let me give you two examples where voice messaging on LinkedIn in combination with valuable content will make all the difference.

1 – Voice messaging + blog

1 –  Send a personalised audio message
2 – Send a link to relevant content
3 – Make the phone call


2 – Voice messaging + video

1 – Send a personalized audio message
2 – Refer to a generic video
3 – Make the phone call




Voice messaging should be tailored and personalised, addressing a specific need of the customer. Asking what’s in it for the customer goes a long way in addressing this problem. Combine this progressive approach with some ideas outlined in this article, and you will see an enormous increase in the response rates. Happy Voice Messaging, people!

Check out our video prospecting playbook for more effective plays.

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The power of voice messaging on LinkedIn

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