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According to a study by Gartner (October 2018), buying in B2B is more complex than selling. Therefore, a sellers’ job is to help buyers increase the ease of buying, but how do you subtly do that? We believe that video prospecting can be an essential catalyst for the future of sales.


At the beginning of January 2020, we posted a sales vacancy: video seller wanted for the future of sales. We receive 43 responses and have many conversations. Strangely enough, only a minority of applicants were looking for a sales role. It was the term video that moved them to apply for a sales role. Remarkable.

The future of sales

Our conclusion after many job interviews is that the introduction of video in sales makes the SDR role more attractive for other people that the ‘obvious’ seller. 

See an interview I had with Yaalit who we hired in the beginning of 2020.

In summary this is what she said:

-The feeling that I don’t ask something first gives me a mental advantage.

-Video is much easier for me than calling. It feels more natural.

-It is much easier to maintain my creativity and energy.

-If a video isn’t good enough, I can do it again. And always according to my quality standards.

We suspect that the role of Video Development Representative will have a place in the marketing and sales process.

For an idea, let’s look at the two most common internal sales roles, the challenges and their role in the funnel.

Business Development Representative:

A Business Development Representative (BDR) is an inside sales role focusing on qualifying inbound marketing leads. The biggest challenge for a BDR is to increase the conversion rate from MQLs to SQL.

Sales Development Representative:

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is an office role focusing on generating new leads via social media or telephone. The biggest challenge for the SDR is generating SQLs.

Video Development Representative:

Gaining trust is a collaboration between marketing and sales. It is valuable to give the making and sending of personal videos a structural place in the marketing and sales process to interrupt a predictable pattern in inbound and outbound marketing. And that is the role of the VDR in a combi function or a dedicated function: Below are three options that we see:

1 – The SDR will be given the space to experiment and add personal videos to increase a conversation. The telephone conversation is no longer the starting point but the endpoint.

2 – The BDR will go for the direct upgrade in 2021. Following up on MQLs by sending personalized and relevant videos to prospects is a natural flow. The handover to the Account Executive will only take place when some personal trust has been realized.

3 – In 2022, the VDR role is an internal salesperson that helps the SDR to “generate” a conversation. The focus of the SDR can move from lead generation to dialogue and building a stronger relationship.




Let’s not forget that the VDR role can help make it easier for buyers to buy.

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The future of sales