Custom made solutions

Applying new sales skills or changing the sales method is not the same for all companies.

Our digital selling solutions are a perfect match for you if:

  • You want to make progress step by step.
  • You want to adopt digital selling widely.
  • You want to get the most out of it.

Digital selling solutions

1-minute video pitch

Buyers are busy, and you as a seller have to earn their time. How do you do this in just 60 seconds? Which elements of your pitch do you remove, and which are crucial to tell? You probably don’t have the time and energy to ‘crack this code’ yourself …

  • We make your 1-minute pitch on video.
  • Focus on the right structure, tonality and body language.
  • Based on best practices.

See example

Internal learning program

Design an onboarding and learning route that is relevant, relatable and realistic. A high degree of recognisability is a high degree of involvement. Use the existing sales playbook with attention to the buyer’s journey, sales processes and desired behavior as a basis.

  • Optimal result with scenario and story-based learning.
  • Increase engagement with micro-learning journey.
  • Create online challenges to increase engagement.

“I have never worked with a sales playbook before, but the value is immediately clear. We are therefore very satisfied with the sales playbook developed by theNextSales.”

Inge van Laar
Chief Revenue Officer

Digital selling playbook

Do you want to improve the productivity of your sales team, standardize best practices and get your salespeople to adopt new techniques faster?

Create a digital selling playbook.

  • Use of digital selling techniques throughout the sales process.
  • Optimize video prospecting and social selling.
  • How do you build a B2B referral program?

Sales automation

Research suggests that salespeople spend only a third of their day selling. The remaining two-thirds of their day is spent on manual tasks. Writing emails, entering data and scheduling meetings were activities that took up most of their working day. Spend more time on the real thing by automating these activities.

  • Stay top of mind with personal content.
  • Receive notifications as a prospect engages.
  • Understand better what your prospect finds interesting.

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