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In today’s world of information overload, attention spans of humans have become lower than that of a Goldfish! The average attention span of humans has reduced to just 8 seconds compared to 9 seconds attention span of a Goldfish. Ouch!

So, what do we as marketers can take away from this mind-boggling statistic?

The answer is simple. Create an impact within the first 8 seconds! 

Take this article for example. As most business owners transition to virtual sales platforms, most meetings are done through online platforms. If I would have just said, that human attention spans have reduced due to information overload, would this create an impact on you, the audience? Likely not. It seems like an ordinary piece of information devoid of any story or emotion. 

short attention span: short attention

But when I say that human attention spans have become lower than that of a goldfish. What impact does that create? It’s likely that you will be hooked to it because of the shock value and disbelief. Emotions are evoked. It’s likely that your interest is piqued due to this short story about the goldfish. This is the power of story-telling!

Human brains are wired to tell and listen to stories as seen from cave-paintings made 27,000 years ago! We communicate through stories.

Businesses make virtual presentations in crisp bullet-points thinking that crisp bullet-points would create an impact. But they forget the basic human psychology and functioning of our brain. Our brains are not capable of holding information in bullet-points! Our brains are wired to consume information and remember them in form of stories.

Short attention span storytelling

So, how can you as a business owner create an impact on your audience’s mind through stories?

Here’s a goldfish story that will help your business construct a narrative and build a strong sales funnel to create an impact on your prospective customer.

The start of this article was about the attention span of a goldfish, right?

So, how do you catch a Goldfish? 

Of course, with a hook, right?

Catch your audience’s attention with a powerful hook. 

Create a powerful hook to capture the attention of your audience. 

As discussed before, our attention spans are reducing drastically. Until and unless, the information is presented in a way that evokes some strong emotion, all your marketing efforts are a waste of time. Capture your audience attention with novelty.

Short attention span sales hook

Some ways to create a powerful hook are:

#1. Evoke a strong emotion

We humans are emotional beings. Logic is secondary, emotions are primary. Emotions are instinctive. So, if you just have 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, you have to leverage this instinct. Emotions of shock, love, cuteness, happiness, etc., are masterfully used by expert story-tellers to capture the audience’s attention.

#2. Ask powerful questions

Questions evoke curiosity and force us to think. Expert story-tellers first create suspense through questions. You are kept rivetted of what is the next thing that is going to happen in the story. A business that that creates a compelling brand often ask powerful questions to their audience. They create trailers, build suspense though their marketing campaigns to evoke curiosity and excitement among their prospective buyers.

Short attention span ask powerful questions

#3. Keep your audience’s attention

When a 2-hour movie is made, the actual movie-length before editing is often in excess of 4 hours! So, what can marketers learn from this? 

Edit your story-line ruthlessly and make use of the video prospecting strategies to make it crisp with constant ups and downs to keep your audience always interested and invested in your brand story.

Never waste your customer’s time, put effort in editing.

#4. A powerful title

The title of your brand-story or content, is the first hook that captures your audience’s attention. Invest time on writing an attention-grabbing title. Often marketers use click-baits to hook audience. NEVER DO THAT. Businesses that break the trust of prospective customers can never be successful. Use genuine titles that invoke genuine interest from your prospective customer.

So, people use these simple tips to capture the attention of your audience and create your own unique brand story. Happy Selling people!

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Short Attention Span: Change your Perspective of Creating Content