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Let’s face it; prospecting is hard. For us business owners, continuously creating innovative ways to prospect can be taxing and mind-numbing. But the fact of the matter is that prospecting is the only way we will reach out to our prospective customers. So, prospecting campaigns are crucial aspects of sales and, by extension, business growth. In this piece, we will try to decode “How can we do quality customized prospecting without over-taxing our limited creative powers and still be as effective!”

Here are the steps to effectively prospect your customers with minimum effort & maximum impact:

#1. Video prospecting instead of plain text

Videos are far more effective than written text. In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 X faster than text! So, forget the drab, cold emails and focus on creating engaging 2-min customized videos for your prospective customers.

#2. Research your customer

No one wants a generic sales pitch. Be sure that the sales pitch is aligned with what the customer needs are. Take some time to research the customer background, LinkedIn profiles, and website to find out what they do and what they want.

scale up video prospecting: research your customer

#3. Customize your videos

Customization and hyper-personalization are what adds life to your videos. No one wants to watch you or listen to what you want to say. What the customer wants is how you can help them solve their unique problem. Focus on the customer while making the video. Take the customer’s name, his business name, what problem they might be facing. 

#4. Scale your videos

Now, this is important. You don’t want to repeat the same message umpteen times for all your prospects! The base message will be the same, isn’t it? Your product isn’t going to change. The trick here is to personalize the first 20 seconds of your video and merge it with your base video using a transition slide. Don’t forget to keep the same background and wear the same clothes, though! In this way, you can save 90% time and effort in your video-creation process.

See example below:

#5. Create a hook for the first 20 seconds of the video

A hook is a technique of creating an enticing beginning—the very first line or opening of your video —designed to capture readers’ interest. Spend your creative energy in personalizing this hook. The hook is what will entice your prospective customer to watch the video. Ensure the hook is personalized with the Company Name, Prospect name, Website information of the prospective customer and relevant data points, if any.

#5. Be humorous, be yourself

An often-repeated error in video prospecting is being too uptight in your videos. SDRs must avoid appearing fidgety, too formal and downright robotic in their videos. Try to loosen up. Be humorous, be your natural self. Relax, your prospective customer is just another human who is trying to solve his problems. A natural smile is far more powerful than a hundred words you speak.

Scale up video prospecting

Use these simple tips and steps in your video prospecting and experience how using these innocuous tips can build a strong sales funnel massively! Happy video prospecting people!

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Scale Up Video Prospecting using these simple tips