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Virtual sellingFor individuals


  • Video prospecting course
  • 20 virtual selling use cases
  • 15 virtual presenting tips
  • 10 prospecting use cases
  • How to use referral selling

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Training for teamsFor teams


Starting from
  • Virtual assessment
  • Social & video selling course
  • Access to knowledge base
  • Online workshops
  • Coaching

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Sales outsourcingOutsourcing


Starting from
  • Outbound SDR
  • Coaching & training
  • Virtual selling tools
  • Sales automation flows
  • Digital sales playbook

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“The virtual selling courses gave me a lot of insight and I loved the creativity of the videos. I found it very valuable as it was a great combination of overall experience and content for sales professionals.”

Nichay CoetzeeDigital account executive South Africa

“I felt like Max Verstappen in his new car. Never knew prospecting could be so exciting.”

Michael BeckerSales Manager Sbit

“The quality of the online video prospecting course is extremely high - visual material is very engaging. And due to the concrete prospecting tips, they are also practical. Moreover, we were very impressed with the 1-minute example pitches.”

Jesse HuylebroeckSales Engineer - EASI

“I personally experienced the power of the Trust Mindset method through their personal approach. They were actually in before I realized it naturally. It's 100% practice what you preach at theNextSales.”

Sjors BrulCEO - Sbit

“The video selling program of theNextSales is surprisingly much more than expected. The training helped us to present a personal message in just 60 seconds in a more effective way.”

Jeffrey BosManaging Director - Plat4mation

“I’m a strong believer that by using the video prospecting tool we can shorten the sales cycle.”

Marijn de VosEMEA Digital Sales Director - SUSE