Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

The problem

You had a virtual event, got a list with 80 C-level people, and a tremendous backlog of leads that SDRs couldn’t get ahold of and slowly, these leads are getting stone cold. Your last resort is marketing automation to nurture those leads and keep them alive, but the responsiveness is close to zero.

And if you look in your back mirror, all those leads resulted from something your sales colleagues wanted so badly.

But this is where you are now, as you.


  • Paid 5-15K for an event
  • Received a named list of 80 names
  • Were excited before the event
  • Reap the fruits during the event
  • Expect sales to follow up on those leads
  • Realize the momentum is gone within a day after the event
  • Sales are moving on, and 80% of those leads are left untouched

Our solution

Our solution

Much time, effort, money and leads are wasted and closer to the trash bin than in the forecast. So this is what we do to change that.

We empower marketing and SDR teams by revamping every first touch. We do this by making personalized video at scale that can be tracked, traced and report on every detail. The expected results are astonishing and are 5x more likely to convert into an SQL or Opportunity.

How it works?

  • We make a 1-minute pitch based on the event for follow-up
  • We design perfectly design landing pages
  • We make personalized videos

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