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Sales has to be genuine. The objective has to be about delivering solutions to customers problems. When a sales team finds meaning and fulfillment from solving customers’ problems, this lays the foundation of a strong, sustainable, long-term relationship with the customer. Every tactic you will use to solve your customers’ issues genuinely will be a success, but anything superficial you will not be able to sustain. 

So, when we talk about Hyper-personalization, it does not just mean calling the customer by name or sending slightly personalized emails based on some database. It means genuinely caring for the customer, trying to alleviate their pain points, and making an effort at each point of contact to help them out. 

We, humans, crave for love and care. When we go to a gas station, and a person cleans our window shields with a smile, we feel delighted, we feel important, we feel taken care of. Often, it’s not the big buzzwords of marketing that work in lifting your virtual sales game. Mostly it’s about showing love and care towards your customer and being able to solve their problems.

hyper-personalization: lift your sales

In today’s age of Remote Selling, it’s tough to instill these emotions of love and care. It looks like every business wants just to sell its products. What happens when someone tries to sell without understanding your needs? You just get irritated, right? There is no way you will trust such a guy, isn’t it?

Business owners just talk about productivity, efficiency and growth but forget that the basic objective should be to build trust, taking care of their customer’s needs and delight them in surprising ways. This is where hyper-personalization comes into the picture.

The key aspect in Hyper-personalization is applying data insights to improve your customers’ experience and to develop a better wholesome picture of customers visible and latent needs. When it comes to data, the more details you have, the deeper connection you can seek to build with your customer. The critical part in driving your business through data insights is the skill set with which you can use these data to develop a deep understanding of your customer persona.


5 hyper-personalization tips:

#1. Stop mindless bulk-mails, stop copy-pasting! Each customer is unique; put time and effort to understand her. 10 genuine well-researched emails are much more powerful than 100’s of non-personalized emails.

#2. Do not try to push your product; seek to understand the customers perceptible and latent needs first. Customers get turned off the moment an SDR starts to rant about their products without listening to their needs.

#3. After understanding your customers’ needs, content hyper-personalization is a great way to build trust and imply how well you know them. Use the data you have about your customer to help them out with content that will genuinely help them.

Hyper-personalization based on data

#4. Using artificial intelligence to understand customer behaviour is another sales experience tool to understand the customer needs deeply.

#5. Messaging on LinkedIn, hyper-personalized videos and other touchpoints where you communicate with your customer make them feel cared for and treasured. A genuine mindset of customer first goes a long way in bringing out the best in hyper-personalization strategies.

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