Inside sales training for the virtual world

Inside sales training for the virtual world

Our inside sales training is designed for the virtual selling world. Our objective is to help SDR’s with more effective prospecting techniques.

Modern prospecting is a blend of calling, texting and making videos in the right sequence. To be successful new skills are needed. After this trajectory the SDR is able to bring the following into practice:

  • How to add value when cold calling?
  • How to make a 60-second video pitch?
  • What are the best prospecting sequences?
  • How to use referral selling techniques virtually?
  • The modern skills needed to break through the noise.
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Week 1:
Virtual assessment

The start

We start our training program with a virtual assessment for the sales team. Our objective is to understand the current situation, objectives and KPIs before starting the virtual selling program.

Week 2-4:
Online training

Week 2:
Online training

Participants will receive an invite for our virtual selling training course with 120 minutes of content. The content is a mix of videos, blogs, quizzes and other interactive content in a micro learning format. Our focus is on inspiring participants by providing 20+ real-to-life scenarios in the context of their daily work.

We deliver SCORM packages for your existing LMS or we provide the full experience on our platform.

Week 4-6:

Inside sales training & workshops

After the virtual assessment and a 2-hour online virtual selling training, we will kick off with workshops to discuss objectives and the online trajectory.

The 2nd workshop is in-depth training for a maximum of 8 participants. A half a day with the objective to discuss and train real-to-life scenarios (see our knowledgebase with some examples) before starting the coaching trajectory.

Inside sales training (skills)

Social selling

Social selling is the art of always giving first. But how do you make your conversation valuable for the person and how can you find ways to connect?

  • Social listening on LinkedIn
  • The law of reciprocity
  • Reactive listening or proactive listening?
  • Empathic listening
  • Finding the ‘hook’ to make a genuine connection.

Video prospecting

Build trust faster in the entire sales process faster with sending 1:1 personal video. Yet it is an art to make a 1-minute video message in which tonality, words and non-verbal communication come together. That is why our performance training is valuable.

  • Posture and tonality for cold calling
  • 10 templates for effective prospecting
  • Prospecting methodology and sequencing
  • Building a 60-second video pitch

“I’m a strong believer that by using the video prospecting tool we can shorten the sales cycle.”

Marijn de Vos
EMEA Digital Sales Director

Virtual presentations

Video conferencing fatigue has been a reality since COVID-19. For many sellers, it is a challenge to keep their customers’ attention through a virtual meeting. How do you make the presentation more attractive and create interaction?

  • Non-verbal communication skills for video calls
  • How to tell your personal story
  • A conversational pitch deck for that 1st meeting
  • Virtual presenting skills

Watch a short video

Digital presentation skills mmhmm


How do you introduce yourself smoothly? And how do you bridge your story to the company you work for? With storytelling you will be able to build trust on a personal level before starting your presentation.

  • Non-verbal communication skills for video calls
  • How to tell your personal story
  • A conversational pitch deck for that 1st meeting
  • Virtual presenting skills
Short attention span storytelling

Referral selling

Cold calling is the easiest thing there is, you’ve got nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that your ego gets a little dented. Asking for a warm introduction via referral selling is the most difficult sales technique, it can make you feel like you could lose the relationship.

  • The right timing for referral selling.
  • How to ask for referrals?
  • Referral selling done the virtual way.

Virtual tools

How to make your conversation go smoothly? We will show you several presenting options with Mmhmm,, Vidyard and VideoAsk to grab attention like a DJ – And the good part is that you can use these tools directly out of the gates for 90-days.

  • How to track and trace videos with Vidyard
  • How to make interactive presentations that are increasing the conversation with
  • How to make amazing and impactful presentations with Mmhmm

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