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I think video marketing is an amazing concept. To fully utilize its potential, you should try to use it on LinkedIn. No, seriously, it works! You won’t believe how powerful a video on LinkedIn is for your business until you try it out.

Make no mistake, LinkedIn videos are here to stay for the long run. Findings show that video on LinkedIn earns more engagement than average text posts. LinkedIn videos are more engaging than embedded videos. So, why exactly are people like me and you on LinkedIn in the first place? Of course, to interact with like-minded people, get the latest updates, build connections, and give way to potential business, isn’t it? So, wouldn’t it be more engaging to see a video on a relevant topic? 

Videos on LinkedIn build more trust, reinforce the brand, and give people a better sense of who you are. Besides, LinkedIn is a business-focused platform, a video here would do you better than anywhere else, I say!

Here are ways on how to use video on LinkedIn:

  • Upload video on your LinkedIn profile- This is the best place to build your credibility. You can feature your media clips, interviews, and testimonials here. 
  • Upload LinkedIn video in Publisher- You can upload professional videos like webinars or a detailed how-to video in the publisher section of LinkedIn. However, you will have to add 400 words of text for each video. 
  • Upload video in updates- Any video uploaded here will show up in your timeline. So, I say you give some thought and select videos that stand out among the crowd.

It’s pretty easy to upload videos on LinkedIn. Besides, you can also embed videos from Facebook, YouTube, or other social media websites. Many people are yet to upload their videos on LinkedIn. Are you one of them? Then, why wait? Go for it!

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How to use video on LinkedIn