Digital selling

Digital selling

The buyer’s journey
has changed

Buyers are busy, more informed, and have higher expectations. Companies have therefore been forced to digitize their sales funnel, but many companies are not yet “digital-ready”.

Our program is a perfect match for you if:

  • Your sales team consists of at least 3 salespeople.
  • Gaining trust is important to you.
  • You are willing to take the extra step.

Win the relationship!

Win the relationship!

The Trust Mindset is a commercial mission statement and a sales method. The belief is that sales and non-sales are more effective in sales when winning trust is central. The “deal” will come later.

The ultimate goal is to increase the effectiveness of sellers without adding additional ingredients; listening, giving value and receiving value to gain trust remains the minimum to be successful in sales.

What digital skills do you need to be successful?

Presenting online

Video conferencing fatigue has been a fact since Covid 19. For many salespeople it is a challenge to hold the attention of their customers through a virtual meeting. How do you make the presentation more attractive and create interaction?

  • Video conferencing best practices
  • Improve visual communication with drawing technique
  • You’re like a disc jockey

Watch a short video

Digital presentation skills mmhmm

Video selling

Build trust faster in the entire sales process by sending 1: 1 personal videos. It is authentic, surprising and therefore results in a higher conversion. Yet it is an art to create a 1-minute video message where tonality, words and non-verbal communication come together. For that reason, our performance training is valuable.

  • We make an example 1-minute video pitch
  • Your sales team is video ready
  • A scalable video selling strategy within 6 weeks

“I’m a strong believer that by using the video prospecting tool we can shorten the sales cycle.”

Marijn de Vos
EMEA Digital Sales Director

Social selling

Social selling is the art of listening online. And then it is up to you to determine what you want to give that has value to increase engagement. How do you do this?

Referral selling

The most effective sales technique is to ask for a warm introduction or recommendation. It’s only hard for a mental reason: You feel like you could lose your relationship.

We’ll help you who, when to and how to ask for more warm introductions.

Do your homework

There is a lot to be found on social media, but this does not mean that everything is relevant and can be used to connect with your prospect. Hyper personalisation and your creativity as a seller make the difference.

Personal branding

A LinkedIn profile with little activity, no posts and a small network exudes authority and therefore is building trust more difficult. We teach your sales team to make optimal use of the ‘social media stage’.


“You have the deal, if you can do something about the price,” says your prospect. How do you give an intriguing answer to stay in the lead? We teach you how to answer any question with a handful of stories to shorten the sales cycle, break a status quo or command respect.

  • 20 stories in the context of the sales process
  • Never again with your back to the wall
  • How do you blend storytelling in your presentation

Referral selling

Cold calling is the easiest thing there is. You have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that your ego takes a dent. Asking for a warm introduction via referral selling is the most difficult sales technique. You have the feeling that you can lose your relationship.

  • When do you request a referral?
  • What is the referral formula?
  • How do you follow up on referrals?

More than just skills…

Digital playbook

We create a digital sales playbook based on "best practices".

Sales tools

Advising the "must-have" digital sales tools for your team.

Marketing alignment

Optimizing the collaboration between marketing & sales.

Sales automation

Always stay top of mind and relevant.

Digital selling program

Online learning platform

User-friendly digital selling learning platform via micro courses.

1:1 coaching

Performance training & coaching with a personal approach.

Knowledge base

All knowledge (internal and external) is divided into a video knowledge base.

Live webinars

Digital selling updates via live webinars.

Video selling

Access our app to send personalised videos.


Support questions and feedback via our video support channel

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