Sales recruitment

Sales recruitment

The sales DNA has changed

Selling in a digital age

Problem #1:

Building trust remotely

Gaining trust is extremely important for B2B sales teams. A salesperson’s preference is to shake hands with so many prospects and customers, but this is not always realistic.

Problem #2:

Work independently

Finding the right structure is a challenge when working from home, especially if the ‘team feeling’ is not there and you have to motivate yourself. Many salespeople are not used to working alone from home all day, resulting in a less productive day.

Problem #3:

Not being able to have a conversation

Almost all cold calls do not end in a positive conversation (quite the opposite). Due to the low conversion, it is also demotivating for most sellers.

Digital sales

Recruiting and selecting young sales professionals is more challenging than ever before. Many employers are not yet equipped to train young salespeople in digital selling, because the knowledge is not yet present in the organization. As a result, young salespeople have a hard time surviving and for that reason traditional recruitment is hardly successful.

In the spring of 2020, we therefore start designing and developing a B2B digital sales program for sales professionals, with the aim of training salespeople to sell in a disruptive way in the (post) Covid-19 era.

We believe that we can best help our customers if we combine recruiting, selection and training in the form of a contract-to-permanent process.

Must-have skills

Social selling

Gain trust via social media by listening first.

Online research

Win attention by creating a relevant message.

Video selling

Sending personal videos throughout the sales process.


The skills to work independently from home.

Sales tools

Optimal use of the “must-have” digital sales tools.

Digital networking

Maintain relationships and stay close while working remotely.


Sales works effectively with the marketing department.

Trust mindset

A sales method with the aim of winning the relationship.

Our recruiting process


We shorten the time to recruit sales professionals, because we do this completely digitally. The candidate makes a personal video, among other things, which gives us direct insight into their talent and performance, before the 1st question is asked.

  • Faster insight into performance
  • Shorter lead time
  • No recruitment fee


Through our online sales assessment we gain insight into the passion, motivators, skills and limiting beliefs. This is the basis of our selection process to then select the candidate in more detail in a 1-on-1 interview.

  • A unique sales assessment
  • No more gut feeling only
  • Certified facilitators for a reliable explanation

Gain direct insight into the sales qualities of the candidates.

The one step to drive sales performance.


We offer these young professionals structure through an online program with a focus on the right commercial mindset, digital selling techniques and video prospecting in particular.

  • A sales method to gain confidence faster.
  • The social selling skills for the right behavior.
  • The digital selling techniques in a box.

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