Use case

Use case

Devoteam – Trust Framework

“You can’t always win the deal, but you can always win the relationship”

Our slogan was instinctively the start of our collaboration with Devoteam. In the right place at the right time. After months of preparation, we went live with the Trust Mindset online course at the beginning of February and with success.

Management wanted to do something extra to give the OneTeam philosophy more power with the following principles in mind:

  • How to monitor the Devoteam culture?
  • How can sales and consultants work closer together?
  • Provide a simple framework for building trust.

Always win a relationship!

Always win a relationship!

We have developed an online journey for 220 consultants in the Netherlands based on our Trust Mindset method.

The goal:

Offer colleagues a framework to build trust faster based on our Trust Mindset methodology in combination with 12 validated real-to-life scenarios and various digital tips.

Our approach in 6 steps.

1 – The problem

How can sales and consultant work closer together?

With scenarios such as the Big Introduction, Too much detail, Escalation time, The Snowball, The Budget, The Intake and many others, the team learned in context about building trust in the IT consulting world.

  • Each scenario always in the context of the practical situation.
  • Validated scenarios by experienced consultants.
  • Elaborated in role plays.

2 – Communication

We started with a short video of HR management to explain the importance of the Trust Mindset program in relation to Devoteam’s OneTeam philosophy.

  • Video e-mail message from the HR team.
  • Video questionnaire with a number of simple questions.
  • Involvement of unit managers with a video message.
  • 2 internal webinars hosted by the CEO.
  • Weekly video email with updates.

“Giving each other trust will speed up our business. And that is what the Trust Mindset training is all about.”

Melis Schaap
Practice Director

3 – Influencers

In order to validate the real-to-life scenario that we have developed, we entered into discussions with several consultants. In 30 minutes we presented the Trust framework and asked the Devoteam for specific matters.

  • Speaking to an influencer from every business unit.
  • Receive 6 videos used for internal promotion.
  • 60% engagement on the video email of these influencers.

4- Engagement

To ensure a high level of participation, a lot of time and energy has been put into a personal engagement route. With the video questionnaire we were able to contribute to a personal and accessible approach.

  • Qualitative feedback to make scenarios even stronger.
  • Dozens of 1-on-1 messages via audio and video
  • And some good bloopers 🙂

“It’s about giving and receiving – trust is in the magical middle.”

Chris Ensing
Business Consultant

5 – Program

During the monthly online Breakfast session of Devoteam, the program was explained in 4 minutes (see trailer).

  • The Trust Mindset.
  • 12 real-to-life scenarios.
  • Digital tips.

6 – Resultaat

A bi-weekly video showing a number of video trailers from consultants.

  • 70% of the participants participated in the journey.
  • 80% of the reviews are on average an 8+.
  • 61 ideas were suggested by participants to build trust faster.

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