Use cases

Wat our customers say

“It helps you build a skill set to become a better consultant.”

Gert Jan van HalemCTO - Devoteam

“I personally experienced the power of the Trust Mindset method through their personal approach. They were actually in before I realized it naturally. It's 100% practice what you preach at theNextSales.”

Sjors BrulCEO - Sbit

“I’m a strong believer that by using the video prospecting tool we can shorten the sales cycle.”

Marijn de VosEMEA Digital Sales Director - SUSE

“Ultimately, it's all about the details and the concrete examples in sales and that's where theNextSales makes the difference.”

Bert Jan EversSales & Marketing manager - Sbit

“theNextSales has a unique sales philosophy with the Trust Mindset to gain trust. It is not a sales trick, but an authentic way of working that ensures that you can stay close to yourself.”

Rob van den BogaardAccountmanager - Copaco

“The video selling program of theNextSales is surprisingly much more than expected. The training helped us to present a personal message in just 60 seconds in a more effective way.”

Jeffrey BosManaging Director - Plat4mation