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Video prospecting is the best way to connect with customers. Period.

Why? Because visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.

Combining video prospecting with authentic personalization becomes a potent tool that can provide you with high-quality leads. Authentic video hyper-personalization is compelling and breathes life into your sales pitch.

This post will look at how LinkedIn Video prospecting can be effectively used to build a strong sales funnel.

With over 450 million users, LinkedIn is at the forefront of connecting B2B buyers and sellers. 

According to a recent IDC study:

  • 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing choices.
  • LinkedIn is used by 50% of B2B buyers to make purchasing choices.
  • 76% of business-to-business customers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network.

These stats prove that understanding how buyers act is essential for sales strategies, making prospecting more straightforward and successful. 

The chances are that a person with whom you are connected via LinkedIn and who knows your core values is much more likely to watch a video you send him. The effort you take in video personalization will go a long way in developing that trust that is critical for any business. 

Through LinkedIn, you can build 2 levels of trust:

1 –  You are connected via LinkedIn that provides social proof. The use of voice messaging and video on LinkedIn are one of the effective ways to connect.

2 – You are making a genuine effort in understanding what they might need.

This leads to creating a solid pipeline of leads that will help you meet your sales numbers. 

The most important thing to understand all social selling techniques is the mindset of authenticity, empathy and a genuine effort shown by you to help out your prospective customer. 

video prospecting on LinkedIn: selling techniques

Here are some LinkedIn Video prospecting tips:

#1. Send invites to people based on your ideal customer archetype. Try to align with people who share your value system, people with whom you will enjoy working with.

#2. Use your existing untapped connections on LinkedIn and browse through what they might need with which you could help.

#3. Use the Alumni network on LinkedIn to search for new prospects. It is amazing how people would go to great lengths to support one of their own kin.

#4. Look at your competitor’s posts, who engages in those posts, what’s their profile.

LinkedIn video prospecting

#5. Broaden your prospects with the “People also searched for” bar on LinkedIn. One prospect can become 5 with a bit of effort doing solid background research.

#6. Reach out to prospects who are starting in a new role. Often, people in new roles are looking for tools to enhance their performance and are much more likely to try out new means.

With virtual selling becoming a norm, LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for marketers globally. Putting a little effort into customizing your videos and sending them to hand-picked connections on your LinkedIn profile can seriously ensure you have a high concentration of great quality leads.

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Build a strong sales funnel with LinkedIn video prospecting