I wholeheartedly vouch for video prospecting in sales. After all, the human brain tends to like it better when seeing images rather than text. It is a fact! So, if you are out there trying to give your best shots at cold calling, then make sure you are doing it the right way- the video prospecting way. A bright and moving image of yourself, with the right pitch, will definitely attract the client’s attention! 

The idea of video prospecting has exploded in its potentiality and is now a strong tool in sales. But, I find it funny when I come across certain video prospects of salespeople. Quite often, I have noticed that these videos leave a contradictory effect, let alone doing anything positive to make your job easier. You don’t want to antagonize your client with your videos, do you? 

I believe in doing things the “right” way. And, I believe there is a “right” way to get your video prospecting done. From my experience in the field (and with antagonizing salespeople!), I  decided to put things straight for all those that have the right idea, but aren’t nailing it. 

Here are some of the best practices followed for video prospecting:

  • Always tailor your message for a specific client. Buyers can tell if you put in any extra effort! Also, you can customise the video by displaying the prospect’s name in the thumbnail.
  • Make sure that the message is clear, concise, and in a natural tone. The prospect must be able to connect to your way of talking.
  • Never jump into talking about your product or service right away. Prove your value by focusing on the specific target areas that the prospects may want help in.
  • Keep the videos short and to the point!

Well, these are but, only a few of the points that I want to stress about video prospecting. Ensuring to follow the above mentioned best practices will make way into some lead. I’m sure of it! 





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