Week 1:
Virtual assessment

We start our training program with a virtual assessment for management and sales. Our objective is to understand the current situation, personal needs, objectives and KPIs before starting the virtual selling program.

Week 2-4:
Online training

Week 2:
Online training

Participants will receive an invite for our virtual selling training course with 120 minutes of content. The content is a mix of videos, blogs, quizzes and other interactive content in a micro learning format. Our focus is on inspiring participants by providing 20+ real-to-life scenarios in the context of their daily work.

We deliver SCORM packages for your existing LMS or we provide the full experience on our platform.

Week 4-6:

After the virtual assessment and online training, we will have kick-off workshops to discuss objectives and the online trajectory with a maximum of 8 participants per workshop.

The 2nd workshop is in depth training for 2 x half a day with the objective to discuss and train real-to-life scenarios before starting the coaching trajectory.

Week 6-12:

A program of 6 weeks with smaller groups of max 4 participants where we will engage in roleplay based on more personal objectives.

The focus is on putting the learned skills into practice by discussing actual results.

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