A happier sales life

Our mission is to help salespeople to build trust faster than ever without the need to travel. Customers are becoming less available to meet F2F, and therefore we all believe the digital handshake will set the stage for a new sales era. 

Our journey began at the end of 2019. We felt we were limited in ways to energize our prospects and customers in our previous sales roles. Whether they were a hundred miles away or thousands of miles away from our offices, we felt that we were losing grip of great relationships we’ve built throughout our career. After experiencing a personalized video approach, we understood the impact right away.

Coronavirus has taken these challenges even further, and we understood that sales would change forever. Our ambition now is to contribute to help organizations thrive by providing a video sales methodology that is simple and powerful. Any sales person can become a video-sales person!!

Managing Partner

Effy Shkuri

Effy is an entrepreneur in the software industry with almost 20 years of experience in a commercial role. In recent years, he has noticed that as a seller you sometimes have to let go of a slow consultative approach, because sometimes buyers just want to feel the tension. Selling has a rhythm – Often slow, but sometimes lightning fast, but gaining trust is always central.

His ambition to come up with a sales method for sales and non-sales has resulted in The Trust Mindset.

Managing Partner

Ran Shribman

Ran is an experienced sales leader with over 24 years’ experience in sales and sales management of Enterprise Software Solutions, developing business from scratch both in Europe and Asia Pacific.

After working for several start-ups and large enterprises, building sales teams, building sales channels, defining and implementing sales playbooks, Ran saw the need for sales organisations to move to the next level. Implementing new technologies and adapting their sales processes to how companies buy today. He is experienced in helped companies adopt new technologies using change management techniques, which are essential in adopting new sales tools and methodologies.

Ran is passionate about the blend between people and technology, and how we can use this to create trust with our customers, partners and employees.

Managing Partner

Alon Shkuri

In the past 7 years, Alon has worked in the fast-paced financial world. He was introduced to the neuroscience sales techniques that are typical for this industry. The fast selling has tired him, because the trick started to dominate his life.

Fortunately, the love for the sales profession has always remained and he would like to transfer his experience to theNextSales. He believes that the salesperson of the future can only apply sales techniques if the sales philosophy and method are deeply rooted.