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9 video selling use cases

These video selling use cases are designed to revamp existing content; lengthy whitepapers, ebooks and brochures. It’s one of the best-kept secrets that a lot of content is stored without ever being read. Videos can change that in many ways. Let’s have a look at 9 video selling use cases to make it easier for sales to share valuable information.

#1 Trailer of ebooks and whitepapers

Good content is like a good character. We only learn to appreciate a person when we get to know the person. We have less time to get to know people, which is why video is so powerful.

A personal video attracts attention in the same way as a friendly face in ‘real life. Create a video summary of written content.


#2 Vlogs increase your authority

Making a vlog ( video blog) is far from difficult. As a vendor, you are familiar with the important topics for your prospects…discuss these topics in a vlog and share tips.

Then choose to make it available in your CRM application also to share semi-personalized content in the process.

#3 Social proof

You have collected several case studies (reference stories). Awesome. Can you measure whether these are actually read and what the effect is? It’s tricky, and for a reason mentioned above, a video is a great tool in combination with a video platform. Measuring is knowing.

In terms of social proof, it can be a short testimonial or a more formal reference story. Ideally, these should be made available in the CRM system so that salespeople can share them with their prospects.

#4 Video selling signature

The marketing department has probably already pointed out the power of a good company signature. In a progressive scenario, there is variation – the signature is used for promoting the company, events and workshops, and it is a powerful reminder for your relations.

The most personal signature is your own. Your email address, phone number and Linkedin profile are generally accepted, but why not a video with a short pitch about who you are and what you can do for potential customers. You can use several and make them part of the knowledge base.


video signature

#5 Product demonstration videos

You have a very interesting portfolio of products, but what you have has been worked out on paper. These product brochures are important for your prospects and customers, but they can be more effective. Building trust goes faster if you make a product video.

It is then the combination of personal trust and trust in the product. These videos are easy to make with a short script. As videos are trackable and traceable…it will give you the feedback you need to determine if your content has value.

#6 Video selling FAQ

You have the experience, and that is always your advantage as a supplier. It may be the 1st time your potential customer looks at a solution in the category representing your solution. Perhaps they replacing an existing solution—the replacement cycle maybe three years, but maybe 5 or 7 years.

While the vendor is selling similar solutions every month, anticipate and share the tips from the experiences you have gained. TIPS and FAQs are typical knowledge base assets that you can update with a semi-annual iteration.

#7 ‘Welcome aboard’ a customer success video

The more people your customer knows at the organization you work for, the greater their long-term trust. One way to start a company-to-company relationship faster is to share a welcome video after signing the first assignment. This way, your customer gets to know the company and the people who work there. This creates a natural bond and gives the feeling of being welcome. The ideal scenario is, of course, a personalized onboarding for every new customer, but this is not always effective – and sometimes not relative to the mutual commitment.

By making standard videos available in the CRM system, it is easy for every salesperson to send them at any time. The timing and context still make it personal. So don’t miss a chance to show your customer focus to every customer.

#8 Corporate video for customer success

You can also choose to share a company video to give a new customer an impression of the people you work with – To take away the cognitive dissonance just before or just after purchase.

#9 Up-selling and cross-selling

If you are an account manager then up-selling and cross-selling is a big part of your job. Summarize the value of your most interesting products or solutions in a 60-second summary.

For more personalised video use cases have a look at our video prospecting playbook or download the 30+ video selling use cases.
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9 video selling use cases

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