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A few years ago I asked a good friend if he could help me with an introduction. He immediately said yes, because we have known each other for 20 years, but at the same time he asked me:

“What can I tell my other esteemed relationship, because I don’t know exactly what you’re doing.”

What he meant but didn’t say was, “What is your value for the referee?”

A good referrer wants to help two people, but there is a sequence. The first thought of your referrer goes to the referee – the “other” relationship.

Below are seven referral selling tips to make your referral approach a success.

Tip 1: Don’t focus on yourself.

When asking for a referral, consider the value to the other.

Don’t: Can you help me with…

Do: Would your relationship benefit from…

Tip 2: Make it easy to recommend you.

Create an email or referral video ( download the whitepaper 30 video selling use cases ) that your relationship can share with the referee to lower the threshold. Moreover, you prevent the referrer from misinterpreting your message.

Tip 3: Just start with asking.


“11% of all salespeople request a referral, while 91% of your customers are willing to refer,” Dale Carnegie

In other words, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Tip 4: Ask at the right time.

Preferably ask when people are in a positive mood. Not a “must”, but you are much more likely to get someone moving. Below is a practical example after a an evaluation with an existing customer.

Supplier: “How did you experience our cooperation?”
Customer: “As valuable”
Supplier: “What in particular? …”
Customer: “Top service and agreed is agreed under any circumstance”
Supplier: “Very happy to hear that you appreciate our service and integrity.”

Tip 5: Make your referral question specific.

. “Who in your network would also be helped with an honest partner who always keeps his promises?”

Tip 6: Give your referrer the time and space.

Ask the referral question but always follow through.

Tip 7: Continue to ask questions after a customer satisfaction survey

What is the likelihood that you will recommend us to people you know? This is a frequently asked question that gives an organization insight into its overall satisfaction but does not directly lead to more referrals.

TIP – I’ve found the book referral code very valuable for more referral selling tips.

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7 referral selling TIPS