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Gone are the days when I used to detest speaking in front of a camera! I remember how much I used to dread seeing myself on the screen- be it on a video call or for a marketing video. Well, it took me a while to understand the basic flaws that needed to be corrected. Also, I added a few personalized tips and tricks, and voila; I became more comfortable and likable over video! 

So, are you going through the same earlier phase as mine? Then here are some pointers that ought to help you in becoming more comfortable and likable over video. 


Make yourself and your surroundings presentable.

Video is probably the closest to one-to-one personal interaction.  To feel and do your best, you need to be prepared for it. So, as a part of going-on-camera prepping, always ask yourself “Am I feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing now?” and “Is there something to be organized around me?”.


Never over-rehearse.

Yes, it’s good to be prepared but keep the practice within limits. Don’t go overboard so that you sound scripted and insincere. Keep the tone conversational to feel more genuine and likable over video. 



Want to look authentic and likable? I say you should smile more at the camera! Showing an open body language with a warm smile and open hands express honest and relaxed connectivity with the audience.


Use video as much as possible.

Be it for video prospecting or a marketing call, make an effort to use video in expressing yourself. Believe me, constant practice helps you to master the art of performing well over video. 


Don’t be afraid if you make a mistake

Be it on a video call or in a recorded video, it is natural that you may stumble open thought or on a word. Instead of fussing over it, sit back, smile, and keep going.

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5 ways to be comfortable & likable over video