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The use of video prospecting in sales conversations has exploded through the roof in the past one year. Use of video prospecting has grown from 7% in 2019 to 40% in 2020, which represents a rise of 471% growth year on year! So, forward looking businesses would be smart to include video prospecting in their sales campaigns.

When video prospecting is combined with data analytics the results can be amazing. Data Analytics is ranked as the number one growth driver for businesses by McKinsey. In this piece let’s look at how top representatives use simple ways to enhance their performance.

First though, let’s look at what do top SDR’s do differently compared to the rest. The difference between the top 10% sales representatives according to the McKinsey report are:

  1. Top 10% sales representatives spend up to 30% more time with customers compared to rest of the sales representatives.
  2. The top 10% sales representatives use multiple analytics tool two or more channels (like LinkedIn, E-mails, Video-prospecting, Referral selling) to prospect new customers
  3. The top Sales Representatives prefer online video prospecting and calls compared to cold-emails and meeting new customers offline
Best SDR's

What these stats show is that top 10% sales representatives are more efficient in using their time compared to the rest of the SDR’s.

Here are some tips on how the top SDR’s operate efficiently in today’s online selling market:

#1. Use video to prospect new customers

SDR’s are often circumspect using video to reach out to new customers. A lack of confidence and a lack of skill combined together is often the major barrier for most SDR’s. Top SDR’s know that video prospecting is much more effective than cold calling or cold-emails. Research shows that video prospecting is 74% more effective than normal text.

#2. Spend time on research

SDR’s are often used to action. SDR’s must avoid action without a plan as it can be disastrous. This is what often differentiates top SDR’s with ordinary ones. Top SDR’s devote a good deal of time and effort to chart out innovative ways to prospect new customers. They use data analytics to find quality leads to add to the sales funnel. They use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to find and research new customers.

#3. Build their personal brand

Top SDR’s know the importance of a personal brand in virtual selling world. They are active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram to build their own personal brand. When you have a strong personal brand, it acts as a trust builder with prospective customers. Customers understand that the SDR is active and passionate about the work he/she is doing. 

#4. Create a sales template

Top SDR’s like to create their own way of making a sale. They have their own steps in a virtual sales cycle. They know what works for them and they play to their strengths. They are also adept at making adjustments and are agile to the needs of the time. They are continuous learners. So, a top SDR would learn quickly how to create videos, present ideas during video meetings, use new age technology and seek ways find new prospects through social media, to be in-line with the changing times. Once they have created a process that works for them, they follow it to the tee and attempt to perfect the process to make it more and more effective.

These are just a few of the ways how top SDR’s have a Sales mindset that sets them apart from normal SDR’s. The good thing is everyone of the SDR’s can use these steps to improve their Virtual Sales Performance massively. 

So, if you are a new business struggling with sales, follow these simple steps of using video prospecting, analyzing customer data, building your personal brand and create your own signature sales process to boost your Sales! Happy Selling people! 

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4 Ways Top SDR's Differ from their Counterparts