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More and more, authentic videos are popping up from sellers to promote themselves, a product, or the company they work for. And with every small step, it becomes easier to repeat the process.

And yet there is no major breakthrough. In addition, current existing lead generation techniques are not effective enough, because emotion is lacking. And if you can’t get in touch with the feeling, the chance of airtime is nil.

Now, using video is easier than you think, but harder than you’d like.

And that is exactly why LinkedIn is the best platform to start. With LinkedIn, you as a seller have a platform that you know like the back of your hand. You already use it every day, except for that one feature: LinkedIn video prospecting.

And before we start, we first of all need to remove the biggest barrier. No, you don’t have to add subtitles, insert pictures, use fancy hardware or think about lighting. Just you and your “buddy”. In other words, you and your phone. 

Below are 3 tips for sellers who want to use LinkedIn Video.


1: LinkedIn video provides insight

Making the video is a piece of cake with LinkedIn Video. Your research determines the power of your video, and that is the best thing a social selling platform like LinkedIn can do for you.

Our advice is to record your video on your mobile phone while standing up as the camera of your mobile phone is probably twice as good. Here is the insight you will get from LinkedIn after posting the video.

LinkedIn video views

2: LinkedIn is faster

The process of editing and uploading video content can be a laborious process. With LinkedIn video, the process is simple and straightforward.

Example LinkedIn video

1 – Make a video on your iPhone
2 – Review
3 – Upload on LinkedIn and share or send

Example another video platform

1 – Make a video on your iPhone
2 – Review
3 – Upload on the video platform
4 – Share link on LinkedIn


#3 Build your video knowledge base for free

By giving your videos a unique #hashtag your videos are easily accessible for everyone in your network. Our unique hashtag is #thenextsales and when you want to share something about virtual selling or video prospecting we just share the hashtag.

The same goes for you: Use your own database on LinkedIn to search for the relevant article and send or share with your prospect.



LinkedIn video with another platform

If you are in sales and you want to track and trace on below KPIs then a video platform is a better option for you. Check you the free version from Vidyard to get started if you believe one more click is worth the following

  • Attention span per video (e.g 70% of the video watched)
  • Unique viewers so you can follow up on an individual level
  • Sending videos via Outlook or Gmail directly in someone’s mailbox

For advanced tips check out our video prospecting playbook.


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Why LinkedIn video is the best place to start?